Texas Gulf Construction Co., Inc.’s (TG) advantages regarding resources, capabilities, and availability are many which can be attributed to both TG’s experience and also being able to self-perform many phases of marine work. TG’s experience allows us to utilize our knowledge of local suppliers and vendors for quick turn around and short lead times on necessary construction materials. Another distinct advantage TG has is the company owned, operated and maintained fleet of marine construction equipment which includes barges, push boats, cranes, pile hammers, etc. The flexibility TG has in owning and operating a majority of the equipment required to perform many different types of marine projects along with TG’s specialized labor force allows for more control of the project and schedule. TG is able to supply additional equipment, labor, or reconfigure work schedules to accommodate unforeseen site demands or changes in work.

Texas Gulf Construction Co, Inc. (TG) has the equipment, manpower, and experience to self-perform many different projects. TG’s services and capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Marine Construction & Maintenance

Fender Systems, Dock/Pier Facilities, Wharf Construction, Bulkheads

Bridges & Causeways

Over land or water

Pile Driving

Concrete Piling, Pipe Piling, Steel or Concrete Sheets, H-Piling, Wood Piling, Composite Piling, Combi Walls


Mechanical Dredging – Clamshell or Dragline

Marine Salvage

Experienced staff and equipment for almost any situation

Heavy Lifts

TG Marine yards makes dockside loading and unloading convenient

Concrete Work

Piling Caps, Foundations, and Paving


From concrete paving removal to underwater structure removal

Underground Utilities

Reinforced concrete and HDPE Pipe, Precast or Cast-in-Place inlet boxes

Site Work

Hauling, Clearing, Grading, Excavation